Drainage Soul

A little slum boy with a college degree going to the face the interview rolling on his brand new ferrari staying in the sun and an empty road fantasizing all the enemies who wish he wouldn’t, be here.

With a silver classic revolver.. speed 310kmph, Thinking too much. To get some air,opens up the roof, wind gushing through…stressed playboy with Christ on his chest, all tested up and competitive,needs peace, talking money, switching cars, becoming a legend, from no one from someone today.

Messing around, featured in wall street and Forbes all year round. Let’s go do it attitude with a struggle no one know except his friend. Gucchi peasant, owning just 1/4th of the world, links with some serious men.

A crackle of that crisp ambience infused with a heavy tone and a respectful personality all in one package. Well educated, charismatic and fluent in almost all exotic languages still lies that slum boy running with a kite trying to chase a helicopter, who he thinks is an alien butterfly, something worth to catch!


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