1,000,000 have  planned for one-way trip to colonise Mars in 2022

It all started with the big band theory, even the chaos in the head. Mentally fragile and physically strong, good body posture but deficiency of nutrients. A clean face without a charismatic glow. 

Social balance, imaginary mind space stored with time wasting apps deluding is for what we were meant to be. Simplicity after complexity is the ultimatum. Breaking myths, defying theories, destroying inner peace, raising an illuminating resolution and avoiding revoultions. 

Disagree to bribe yet agree to process when needs arise. A moment of silence in court of heaven, making the skies cry in fear. Converting our “wants” into “needs”. Fighting for our lives to earn nickels just to spend on luxury. A gentle blow of “toilet paper want” might pluck a thousand trees everyday. And now we are planning to destroy other planets.


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