Just a Dream

A peace of mind is all that is needed. A colour of White gives a soothing and peaceful effect. A hygiene surrounding with up market gentry. 

Understated luxury and ordinary lifestyle. Spaces between spaces and windy breeze. Coffee mug in one hand and pen in the other, watching the world from the 21st Floor. The swimming pool from above looks like a glass with a little blueberry water.

Sunset with a crimson shade of sky, what a delight living this high. Humid and cold temperature and voice of  footsteps of a little girl having an imaginary tea party in her play room.

The butler knocks on the office door and call out the little master playing under his daddy’s table. There he is smashing little action figures against each other like a maniac producing smashing effects in the most cutest tone you will ever hear.

And the wife is getting ready for the kitty party dressing like a queen with blush on her cheeks, a spicy scent, plumpy lips, a fresh smile, natural gentle swing of her hair in the Air dominating anyone’s desire who would look at her with a pleasing voice.

Legacy structures stand in their place helping the man of the house earn even when he is sleeping. Music has soft beats and a romantic essence to it. 

Tick tick tick tock-beep beep beep beep the alarm clock screams and you wake up from a wonderful dream.


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