Cookie Crumbs

The world is unfair. So are we. I read a blog somewhere and I read this “A poor mother who has $20 wants to buy a book which could have helped her earn $20,000 instead she sacrifices it and buys a video game for her child just to make him happy”. Although this was used to make a point “Sacrifice and prioritise” by the author but it was touchy and sympathising.

Similarly you might want to spend a $1000 for good food and luxury but inside your heart will melt and your heartbeat rate will rise for sympathy when you see a man sleeping on foothpath, naked and with ungroomed hair, scars all over his body , a frizzy and dusty beard , weak body,shivering, uneducated, begging for some food and water. Not the money , just a bite of food.

Unfortunate to get anything, goes to the dustbins to find some of that juice- a last sip left and some discarded fungus bread just to survive. Sees a dog who looks as hungry as himself and shares the food. 

Yet on the contrary, we sitting and sipping on our coffee, In a warm cozy surroundings addicted to social media posting pics and liking those sympathising pics (1like=1Pray stuff) or chilling in clubs with friends and still feeling sorry for how less god has given us

Why don’t we go and help them. Treat them with some kindness instead of laying down our sorry asses from home to work and back again. 

 A depressed life can express ‘n’ number of expressions invariably in the form of aggressive impulsive outbreak like a Big Bang in the head- without the Noise. A time spent alone is the time spent right unless its family and its the most fruitful period of your life when you grasp the squeeze of life in the spur of the moment

Life is as tempting as a crunch of a cookie , unless you are the fallen cookie crumbs.


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