Month: November 2016

Drainage Soul

A little slum boy with a college degree going to the face the interview rolling on his brand new ferrari staying in the sun and an empty road fantasizing all the enemies who wish he wouldn’t, be here.

With a silver classic revolver.. speed 310kmph, Thinking too much. To get some air,opens up the roof, wind gushing through…stressed playboy with Christ on his chest, all tested up and competitive,needs peace, talking money, switching cars, becoming a legend, from no one from someone today.

Messing around, featured in wall street and Forbes all year round. Let’s go do it attitude with a struggle no one know except his friend. Gucchi peasant, owning just 1/4th of the world, links with some serious men.

A crackle of that crisp ambience infused with a heavy tone and a respectful personality all in one package. Well educated, charismatic and fluent in almost all exotic languages still lies that slum boy running with a kite trying to chase a helicopter, who he thinks is an alien butterfly, something worth to catch!


1,000,000 have  planned for one-way trip to colonise Mars in 2022

It all started with the big band theory, even the chaos in the head. Mentally fragile and physically strong, good body posture but deficiency of nutrients. A clean face without a charismatic glow. 

Social balance, imaginary mind space stored with time wasting apps deluding is for what we were meant to be. Simplicity after complexity is the ultimatum. Breaking myths, defying theories, destroying inner peace, raising an illuminating resolution and avoiding revoultions. 

Disagree to bribe yet agree to process when needs arise. A moment of silence in court of heaven, making the skies cry in fear. Converting our “wants” into “needs”. Fighting for our lives to earn nickels just to spend on luxury. A gentle blow of “toilet paper want” might pluck a thousand trees everyday. And now we are planning to destroy other planets.

Just a Dream

A peace of mind is all that is needed. A colour of White gives a soothing and peaceful effect. A hygiene surrounding with up market gentry. 

Understated luxury and ordinary lifestyle. Spaces between spaces and windy breeze. Coffee mug in one hand and pen in the other, watching the world from the 21st Floor. The swimming pool from above looks like a glass with a little blueberry water.

Sunset with a crimson shade of sky, what a delight living this high. Humid and cold temperature and voice of  footsteps of a little girl having an imaginary tea party in her play room.

The butler knocks on the office door and call out the little master playing under his daddy’s table. There he is smashing little action figures against each other like a maniac producing smashing effects in the most cutest tone you will ever hear.

And the wife is getting ready for the kitty party dressing like a queen with blush on her cheeks, a spicy scent, plumpy lips, a fresh smile, natural gentle swing of her hair in the Air dominating anyone’s desire who would look at her with a pleasing voice.

Legacy structures stand in their place helping the man of the house earn even when he is sleeping. Music has soft beats and a romantic essence to it. 

Tick tick tick tock-beep beep beep beep the alarm clock screams and you wake up from a wonderful dream.

Cookie Crumbs

The world is unfair. So are we. I read a blog somewhere and I read this “A poor mother who has $20 wants to buy a book which could have helped her earn $20,000 instead she sacrifices it and buys a video game for her child just to make him happy”. Although this was used to make a point “Sacrifice and prioritise” by the author but it was touchy and sympathising.

Similarly you might want to spend a $1000 for good food and luxury but inside your heart will melt and your heartbeat rate will rise for sympathy when you see a man sleeping on foothpath, naked and with ungroomed hair, scars all over his body , a frizzy and dusty beard , weak body,shivering, uneducated, begging for some food and water. Not the money , just a bite of food.

Unfortunate to get anything, goes to the dustbins to find some of that juice- a last sip left and some discarded fungus bread just to survive. Sees a dog who looks as hungry as himself and shares the food. 

Yet on the contrary, we sitting and sipping on our coffee, In a warm cozy surroundings addicted to social media posting pics and liking those sympathising pics (1like=1Pray stuff) or chilling in clubs with friends and still feeling sorry for how less god has given us

Why don’t we go and help them. Treat them with some kindness instead of laying down our sorry asses from home to work and back again. 

 A depressed life can express ‘n’ number of expressions invariably in the form of aggressive impulsive outbreak like a Big Bang in the head- without the Noise. A time spent alone is the time spent right unless its family and its the most fruitful period of your life when you grasp the squeeze of life in the spur of the moment

Life is as tempting as a crunch of a cookie , unless you are the fallen cookie crumbs.


Well a little here and a little there, with some ups and downs. Sometimes with the loved ones sometimes for the loved one. It’s a fantasy. 

Especially the winter season. A distinct feel in the air along with coldness that reminding of the years gone by and what used to happen that very moment previous year. 

With the home turned into a sweet cozy hotbox for the coffee addicts. A small little fluffy soft pet who used to care for everyone all the time, even when It was sad. A complete family with occasional visits and dinners and festivals often greeted the month.

Moved to another city, started a new life ,felt a little missing but that was alright. A sudden urge to go back home sometimes shuffles the mind and get torn between emotions and reality. Sometimes music- a particular song or scent reminds of the home and childhood days and a craving from the inside to go back

“Hush, no you can’t. Earn money and make a future ahead” suppress the thoughts and insecurities arise. Complex legacies and lipsmaking exoticism tears the hussle leaving behind confused state of being.

Recovery is a bliss to blend in, to meet new people to talk to and find those whom you are compatible with. Time is not a barrier for a moment and in the next it is. Egos is what it set aparts but is required- an essential essence.

McDonalds – a happy meal is all That can keep someone happy and those brainwashing lectures to attend with a legitimate reason-“to impart skills” is bullshit. An aggressiveness builds up over time and lurking the need to compare with one another. 

Conflicts to set in on petty issue. Loneliness. No fluent glides of senses, just a show off battleground. Think of the time now what it used to be , to watch cartoons, a sweet smelling garden with wind whistling through the ears, the butterfly, the not-so-hot sunshine. 

A life cycle to remember and so much to explore, how to see this without going alone. I fear to go out alone for what might people think . 

There’s no audience, just a little someone with a little dream and a small piggybank his mother gave. 

A surppp! Of coffee and the crunch of biscuit stablizes the momentum and snaps the reader back to reality.