This is the next Big innovation!

Lots of new innovations have introduced this year, I was wondering how far can it go. Since the curve screens are now reality , what would be the next big step. The latest ongoing innovation is the dual-edge curved screen display, and Samsung’s CEO had already shown the prototype of flexible screens back in 2012. So what’s Next?

Let me suggest you the options – 3-D Printer, Smart goggles , Transparent Smartphone , Holographic Projector. HAHA! let me tell you that these concepts are no longer concepts, they have become reality.Search the youtube and you will find out! So why I am circling around the topic ? Please Tell us whats next ?

Okay, everybody has their different tastes and choices in choosing the Smartphone. A person would buy a device which he would like to according to his specific needs and desires . Some want a good camera and battery life but don’t need a high internal storage, some might want to buy a phone with fast processors and any camera would do just fine for him. What i am trying to tell you that its all about customizations.

You would be thinking what the hell is it related to?

The next big innovation is called PROJECT ARA. What an apt name it is, yeah ! But wait till you blow your mind reading this.


A device designed exclusive for 6 Billion people. Out of 7 billion people in the world the left 1 billion people would have no idea whats this all about until the read this in blogs ,articles , news or search the web.

“Project Ara” is code-name for an initiative that aims to develop an open hardware platform for creating highly modular Smartphones. LOL!, I didn’t understood the language either, too geeky for me. In simple words, it is like an endo-skeleton (like your CPU) in which modules (i.e RAM, Hard-Disk,Graphics Card) are attached.Whats innovative is that you can customize your phone according to your needs by swapping the modules. It is coalition of three Tech-Giants : GOOGLE , MOTOROLA , LINARO.

They intend to sell the starteer kit which includes Display , Battery , Low-end CPU and Wi-fi for 50USD.

Conversion chart:

  • USD 50
  • Rs 3,200
  • 39 Australian Dollar
  • 314 Chinese Yuan
  • 4780 Algerian Dinar
  • 6000 Japenese Yen

You can convert it to your currency by using Google currency converter.

Let me tell you that it brings the smartphone industry to a who lot different level and it will be successful as leading companies such as APPLE, SAMSUNG ,HTC are making premium device at a very higher cost so we need something budget friendly with good specs at this point of time as onle 1 Billion people use  Smartphones and the rest 5 or 6 idk billion people use Featured-phones.

Lets Hope for the best. So this the next big innovation






Google plans to sell budget smartphones like this to beat Apple and Samsung. HOW? You would be thinking that Samsung and apple Phones are 20 time costlier than Project ARA then how?

Let me explain you this concept with an example.Wider range of People will buy Project ARA, and it estimates that more no. of units will be sold at less profit than less no. of units sold with more profit. Little tricky but it works as featured phone user are 5 billion. think yourself .Also Google will sell after market modules in large nos.


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