Most Expensive Smartphone In the World

iphone-4-diamond-roseDiAMOND ROSE iPHONE 4 [32GB]
  • Price: Rs.50cr ($8million) !!!!:o
  • Approximately 500 individual flawless, 100 carat diamonds around the sides
  • A rose gold Apple logo with 53 more diamonds
  • The center navigation button is made up of a single cut 7.4ct pink diamond

ONLY 2 HAVE BEEN MADE iphone-4-diamond-rose-most-expensive-iphone-in-the-world-MaleExtravaganza-2

 made by “STUART HUGHES”.

But what’s the point . i wonder who had bough it in the bidding. I know its looks charming in the pictures , and it will definately be looking gorgeous in hands, but seriously, i mean why would anyone buy such an expensive smartphone that to 2gen old.

Anyways,i love it.DAMN!


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