Blackberry Passport

Hello Viewers and Bloggers,The BlackBerry logo is pictured at the BlackBerry campus in Waterloo

As more and more people are buying android and ios,in the the midst of all they are skipping a company called “Blackberry”.This the tech giant which created the first smartphone in the world.I have been asked several times that why do I promote blackberry, when there are ipwhite-blackberry-passporthones and androids? Because it is the most secure platform OS available in the market.

Why blackberry is still considered as an option when there are so many new smartphones with greater specifications in a lesser budget?First, Blackberry is a Canadian manufacturer,with the most secure platform ,and its made specifically for the Business Dealing. Its is for making calls, text message and e-mail, it does not have anRed-BlackBerry-Passport-Device-Stocky leads in the the multimedia section.

Then Why are people still buying ? Because of its iconic physical keyboard.,It stands out the most, and distinguishes it from other devices. Blackberry is the no.1 company in manufacturing smartphones with qwerty keypad .And qwerty have many advantages over on-screen keyborads.Each Smartphone feels premium, and by look classic and we all know that “classic never dies”.Actually, Blackberry had recently released its most sophisticated innovation callnexus-6-passport2ed “Blackberry Passport”.This smartphone is the best from Blackberry with a blend of classic and modernity in a peppy package. Either you will love it or absolutely hate it. It has dimensions of a passport and the whole keyboard acts as a track-pad .The Whole keyboard ISN’T IT AMAZING !

Most of your criticizing views would change after you having hand-on with the new premium flagship.Mine did. Just search it on google..The shape of the device is extra-ord inary.Whilw most of the devices are becoming longer, instead the made it wider with asblackberry-passport-spreadsheet-productivityIMG_20140715_222711_edit-640x434pect ratio 1:1

See Pictures , so the next time to buy consider it as an option because you phone will get old everyday,but blackberry will not get old , it will become classic


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