Which Smartphone Company ?

Hi, I am iboy and this Blog is on smartphone brand and which smartphone company to choose !

Lots of gadgets at introduced day by day, and it becomes difficult for us to choose as a consumer. I know, When it comes to suggesting some gizmo under a particular budget range we give many suggestions but when it comes to us we keep reconsidering our choices and get confused sometimes.

Dont worry, let me help you by expanding your mind. I will be listing some of popular brands. Currently I use Lumia 1320 and iPad Mini


OS is simple, elegant and sophisticated..Specs are decent, but why it stands out the most is because of the excellent build quality and thats the reason that they are expensive also. Its is made up of high quality materials such as saphire glass, top of the grade aluminium body and has the best customer service(this matters a lot).You would buy an apple if your want some business class features in a sophisticated,sleek and modern ,virus-free package.Also it has the largest apps market.


SONY actually came back into the market competition from the Xperia Z range and all devices after that are a big hit.Sony is famous for making water-proof and dust-proof smartphones in a sleek design with a vibrant display and assembling its TV X-Reality Engine in it. Their Camera is the best in the market.It appeals a wider range of youngsters after samsung

s6_render_flatter_no highlight-970-80


Samsung is famous for its design and heavily Customized skin on Android. It has the most features that a smartphone can have..it was plastic until GALAXY ALPHA series. i recommend to buy galaxy or note series

lumia-735-blue-01MICROSOFT  Lumia

Its basically for those who can sync their work with PC, basically office use, WP interface is the most customisable UI.and its build quality is very good. Lumia are best known for their camera pixels and quality.(lumia 1020 with 40 MP cam).Also they are about to launch a lumia device with a mind-blowing 50 MP camera..woahhh!



HTC are the best in smartphone grooming. Its fit and finish is adjacent to apple.Sound quality is super, UI is like **i am in love with them**.


This is the company who made the first smartphone.This is a fully-featured buisness smartphone making company with its iconic QWERTY keypad. With the OS10,the BB10 is popular among younger teens and feature free texting called BBM


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