Month: February 2015

Lava Iris x1 Unbiased Review

LAVA is an Indian smartphone manufacturing company.I myself am a lava user and will review Lava Iris x1 . It is a budget Smartphone with Specs as Follows:

  • 1 GB RAM
  • 4.5″ LCD Screen
  • 4 GB Internal Memory (ROM)
  • Android v4.4.2 Kitkat (stock android)
  • 245 ppi
  • 8 MP rear camera with BSI sensor and dual LED Flash
  • 2 MP front Camera

Specs are pretty decent at a price is INR 8,000/-.But really after using it for the past 6 months i would recommend you to buy Android One which is better than this.Seriously, at first it looked so awesome to me but the sore point is at the customer service.The customer service is pathetic .i order back-panel for my Lava iris x1 and they said it will come in 10-15 days but its been a whole month and they havent called me. i thought that my no. would be unreachable so i want again and they said “company se ni aara abhi”.**What a service they provide**.Now i have decided not to Buy smartphones from these kind of companies. Everywhere you see bloggers would be tell good specs and budget-friendliness, nobody tells why you should not buy it.

You would Buy this smartphone because

  • you are willing to donate 8,000 Rs to Lava
  • you love bad customer service
  • you are willing to give your smartphone to service centre atleast for a month if something happens
  • you want to stand out from the crowd with a phone that looks like a chinese copy of iphone
  • you dont know That Android One or Motorola Moto E is available in the market.

You don’t trust me? Go ahead and buy it and see for yourself

lava_iris_x1_3 lava-iris-x1-02

also let me suggest you

  • (Rs 5000-10,000) Andoid one and motorola moto E
  • (Rs 10,000-15,000) Asus,Moto X,HTC,Sony
  • (Rs 15,000-20,000) Samsung,Blackberry,Microsoft
  • (20k and above) Iphone, note, galaxy,htc one, bb Porche

Blackberry Passport

Hello Viewers and Bloggers,The BlackBerry logo is pictured at the BlackBerry campus in Waterloo

As more and more people are buying android and ios,in the the midst of all they are skipping a company called “Blackberry”.This the tech giant which created the first smartphone in the world.I have been asked several times that why do I promote blackberry, when there are ipwhite-blackberry-passporthones and androids? Because it is the most secure platform OS available in the market.

Why blackberry is still considered as an option when there are so many new smartphones with greater specifications in a lesser budget?First, Blackberry is a Canadian manufacturer,with the most secure platform ,and its made specifically for the Business Dealing. Its is for making calls, text message and e-mail, it does not have anRed-BlackBerry-Passport-Device-Stocky leads in the the multimedia section.

Then Why are people still buying ? Because of its iconic physical keyboard.,It stands out the most, and distinguishes it from other devices. Blackberry is the no.1 company in manufacturing smartphones with qwerty keypad .And qwerty have many advantages over on-screen keyborads.Each Smartphone feels premium, and by look classic and we all know that “classic never dies”.Actually, Blackberry had recently released its most sophisticated innovation callnexus-6-passport2ed “Blackberry Passport”.This smartphone is the best from Blackberry with a blend of classic and modernity in a peppy package. Either you will love it or absolutely hate it. It has dimensions of a passport and the whole keyboard acts as a track-pad .The Whole keyboard ISN’T IT AMAZING !

Most of your criticizing views would change after you having hand-on with the new premium flagship.Mine did. Just search it on google..The shape of the device is extra-ord inary.Whilw most of the devices are becoming longer, instead the made it wider with asblackberry-passport-spreadsheet-productivityIMG_20140715_222711_edit-640x434pect ratio 1:1

See Pictures , so the next time to buy consider it as an option because you phone will get old everyday,but blackberry will not get old , it will become classic

You Dont Need To Buy Laptops anymore. MICROSOFT SURFACE PRO 3 is here

Surface-11Actually , try to think why were tablets made? well laptops are too old school now…atleast for daily use.. unless you are a rich brat or so to my alienware or an macbook pro.

Well,tablets serve as a replace me to what laptops were made for. Tablets are modern, and offers same expeirence,with good performance. They are more portable than lappys, and lightweight , so its easy to carry anywhere ,anytime.

Still not convinced, lappys do have their advantages which i will discuss then in the later section of the blog.

These highly portable computing devices give you full control of the screen, features and applications. By using your finger or a stylus, you can directly touch the screen to make gaming more interactive, and the hands-on approach provides a more tactile experience than a mouse for drawing and illustrating. Compared to laptop computers, these products are small428134-microsoft-surface-pro-3-kickstand. Most tablets offer anywhere from a 7-inch to a 10-inch display screen and weigh less than 1 pound. You can store all your music, capture photos or videos, video chat and even read books on their built-in eReaders.

But laptops are more durable and come with physical keyboards.Thats the main reason why people buy lappys.surfacepro3-100268903-orig

LeT me come to a compromise. A “PHYICAL KeYbOArD”, and windows oS with a Tablet.impossible.Wait to you experience microsoft surafce pro 3


     In Sales Package                                             :         Tablet, Battery, Charger, Headset, Data Cable
    Processor                                                          :          4th generation Intel Core i3-4020Y 1.50 GHz
    PLATFORM                                                       :             Operating System Windows 8.1
    Internal Storage                                               :                 64GB
    RAM                                                                  :                4GB  
    DISPLAY                                                          :          12 Inch Screen Size, 2160 x 1440 Resolution
    CAMERA(Primary Camera)                            :               5MP with LED Flash
    BUSINESS FEATURES(Document Support) :                    Yes
    INTERNET CONNECTIVITY(Wi-Fi)                 :           802.11ac/802.11a/b/g/n
    MULTIMEDIA(Video Formats Supported)     :                     Yes
    CONNECTIVITY (Bluetooth)                           :                     Yes
    DIMENSIONS                                                   :         11.5 x 7.93 x .36 mm
    1 Year manufacturer warranty for the Tablet, 6 months manufacturer warranty for other inbox accessories

Most Expensive Smartphone In the World

iphone-4-diamond-roseDiAMOND ROSE iPHONE 4 [32GB]
  • Price: Rs.50cr ($8million) !!!!:o
  • Approximately 500 individual flawless, 100 carat diamonds around the sides
  • A rose gold Apple logo with 53 more diamonds
  • The center navigation button is made up of a single cut 7.4ct pink diamond

ONLY 2 HAVE BEEN MADE iphone-4-diamond-rose-most-expensive-iphone-in-the-world-MaleExtravaganza-2

 made by “STUART HUGHES”.

But what’s the point . i wonder who had bough it in the bidding. I know its looks charming in the pictures , and it will definately be looking gorgeous in hands, but seriously, i mean why would anyone buy such an expensive smartphone that to 2gen old.

Anyways,i love it.DAMN!

Which Smartphone Company ?

Hi, I am iboy and this Blog is on smartphone brand and which smartphone company to choose !

Lots of gadgets at introduced day by day, and it becomes difficult for us to choose as a consumer. I know, When it comes to suggesting some gizmo under a particular budget range we give many suggestions but when it comes to us we keep reconsidering our choices and get confused sometimes.

Dont worry, let me help you by expanding your mind. I will be listing some of popular brands. Currently I use Lumia 1320 and iPad Mini


OS is simple, elegant and sophisticated..Specs are decent, but why it stands out the most is because of the excellent build quality and thats the reason that they are expensive also. Its is made up of high quality materials such as saphire glass, top of the grade aluminium body and has the best customer service(this matters a lot).You would buy an apple if your want some business class features in a sophisticated,sleek and modern ,virus-free package.Also it has the largest apps market.


SONY actually came back into the market competition from the Xperia Z range and all devices after that are a big hit.Sony is famous for making water-proof and dust-proof smartphones in a sleek design with a vibrant display and assembling its TV X-Reality Engine in it. Their Camera is the best in the market.It appeals a wider range of youngsters after samsung

s6_render_flatter_no highlight-970-80


Samsung is famous for its design and heavily Customized skin on Android. It has the most features that a smartphone can was plastic until GALAXY ALPHA series. i recommend to buy galaxy or note series

lumia-735-blue-01MICROSOFT  Lumia

Its basically for those who can sync their work with PC, basically office use, WP interface is the most customisable UI.and its build quality is very good. Lumia are best known for their camera pixels and quality.(lumia 1020 with 40 MP cam).Also they are about to launch a lumia device with a mind-blowing 50 MP camera..woahhh!



HTC are the best in smartphone grooming. Its fit and finish is adjacent to apple.Sound quality is super, UI is like **i am in love with them**.


This is the company who made the first smartphone.This is a fully-featured buisness smartphone making company with its iconic QWERTY keypad. With the OS10,the BB10 is popular among younger teens and feature free texting called BBM